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Our GDPR compliant platform allows for the collection of E-consent, E-questionnaire and Electronic Data Capture.

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“ We recently completed clinician surveys from clinicians in Cameroon and Nigeria. If we were to set up those interviews on our own, it would have taken months to meet the right contacts, do the back and forth to schedule, and find a translator. Instead, it took us less than one week. ”


“ Infiuss Health helped me find the right participants for my thesis in under 3 days. I had been working on this for 5months due to my inability to recruit and retain the participants I needed. ”


Asked Questions

How is data monitored for accuracy?

We monitor data to ensure its accuracy and verify it is reflective of source data. We utilize centralized, risk-based, remote and decentralized monitoring strategies to ensure the data collected is accurate and of high quality.

What are Probe and eProbe?

Probe is our Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Platform that combines everything you need to carryout your research study remotely in Africa.

eProbe (probe enterprise) is our enterprise offering built to meet the most demanding requirements for larger organisations needing complete control over their remote clinical trial processes in Africa.

Is data secure?

Participant safety and data integrity are essential factors in providing a global technology solution. We ensure the security, quality and compliance of our platform by compliance with multiple quality and compliance regulations, laws and guidelines.

What support do you provide?

Our platform provides an easy-to-use dashboard where complex EDC forms can be built with our INFIUSS data forms containing standard data fields required by most protocols. These EDC forms can be assigned to virtual or onsite visits. Our platform also enables site and study team members in a variety of roles, to review, query and sign off on eSource documents and eCRFs, resulting in high data quality.

Do you provide data retrieval/export services?

A data management plan drafted prior to study set-up will provide details on data access, transfer and retrieval. All data is immediately available upon selecting our ePROBE / PROBE data export tool in a data format of your choosing. In addition, an audit trail showing the value changed, historical and new values, reason for change, individual responsible and time and date stamp, can also be exported through our Data Export Tool.

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